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Facesittingvideo POV

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Sexy new facesittingvideo from Princess Jenny! She is pressing her jeansass on your face and you won’t be able to breathe anymore! She is your facesittingmistress right now and she uses your face whenever she wants to sit comfortable! You are her seat pad from now on!

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POV Facesitting Video

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From now on you are the personal facesitting slave from Princess Jenny.

She wants your face now and sitting with her full weight on you.

Today shes in the park but she dont care – she want to sit and you are her slave !

You are her facesitting slave – NOW !


Jenny flatter the toast

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This is a very sexy girl named Princess Jenny. She is very hot and sexy and she is only wearing sexy lingerie and a fishnetpantyhose. And now she decides to sit on your toast bread.

She do it again and again and so the toast flatter under her weight. She turns around and sit down on the toast. Now she will give it to you. She doesn´t need this bread but it is your meal today. So you can taste the toast.

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Jenny´s Facesittingguy

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Jenny loves to sit on her slaves face. She is wearing a nice black panty and so the slave can smell her ass. She really enjoy it. He is a big looser so Jenny can do what she wants. He wouldn´t say anythink against her. He is a slave.

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