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Facesitting in Jeans

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Mistress Anna wears a tight blue jeans today!

She loves to wear jeans but she also loves facesitting!

So her slave has to be her human seat for her sexy ass in jeans!

Really hard jeanssitting.

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Jeans and Facesittingbox

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Take a look at the facesittingvideo with Mistress Sara and her facesittingbox!

She wears a tight blue jeans while she likes to sit on the slaves face in the box! Brutal facesitting and sexy face bouncing in jeans.

Do you also want to be her slave?


Sexy Jeanssitting

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Mistress Sara wears her tight jeans shorts while she is sitting on the face of her slave!

She really enjoys it and she likes the feeling to have his nose under her ass!

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Hot Jeanssitting

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Mistress Rayana cant get enough to humiliate her slave!

She wears her tight jeans and is sitting without any mercy on his face! She presses her ass on his face and she likes it so much!

Jeansfacesitting with Mistress Rayana – Click Here For More

The Facesitting Comfort Test

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Mistress Amber likes to test how comfortable her slave is.

So she likes to sit on his face now in her tight blue jeans.

Of course this hurts for the slave but Mistress Amber likes to test it now!

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Malou – Erstes Facesittingvideo

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Sexy Malou ist sitting today on the slaves face! It is her first time she tries to do jeanssitting! This mistress is sitting down no matter if he is able to breathe anymore! Sexy Malou takes a seat how long she wants!


Svenja’s seat cushion

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Svenja loves to sit down with her hard jeans ass on the slaves face! But this guy loves to be her cushion! She shows no mercy because he wants her to sit on his face! Now he gets it – and he gets it hard! She doen’t wanna go from his face so she seats for a while longer!

Click here for the clipdownload

Facesittingvideo POV

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Sexy new facesittingvideo from Princess Jenny! She is pressing her jeansass on your face and you won’t be able to breathe anymore! She is your facesittingmistress right now and she uses your face whenever she wants to sit comfortable! You are her seat pad from now on!

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Sexy Zoe’s punishment

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Zoe wants to punish the boyfriend of her friend today! He was flirting with other girls but this is not allowed! She does it for her friend because she loves this guy but Zoe doesn’t like him and so she sits down with her sexy jeansass on his face! She humilates him like he was never humilated before!

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POV Facesitting Video

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From now on you are the personal facesitting slave from Princess Jenny.

She wants your face now and sitting with her full weight on you.

Today shes in the park but she dont care – she want to sit and you are her slave !

You are her facesitting slave – NOW !