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She tests her human cushion

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Mistress Anna is going to test her human cushion today! She trys if he has a good face to sit on!

In different positions she trys reverse facesitting and front facesitting!

Mistress Anna wears a sexy dark nylon pantyhose and is looking totaly hot!

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Facesitting Video with Mistress Liana

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Mistress Liana loves Facesitting and of course she likes forced facesitting!

When the slave trys to escape but dont has any change, that is what Mistress Liana turns on!

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Mistress Rayanas hot facesitting

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Mistress Rayana loves facesitting! Today she wears her sexy pantyhose!

Her slave is bound on her chair so she has a very good position to sit perfect on his face!

Do you also want to be her human seat?

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Facesitting Video with Princess Serena

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Princess Serena is a young facesitting queen! She enjoys it so much to sit on a slaves face!

Today she humiliates a slave again and forced him to be her human couch! From today on – he dont want to sit on a normal couch. He only wants to sit on his face!


Facesitting and Facebouncing with Venus Vendetta

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Forced Facesitting mit Venus Vendetta. She enjoys it so much to sit on her slaves face and starting to bounce hard on his face!

Hot facesitting and facebouncing with Mistress Venus Vendetta!

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Mistress Serena Ice

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Her First Facesitting and Mistress Serena enjoys it so much.

She likes the feeling to have a face under her hot and sexy ass!

Sexy face bouncing and fullweight facesitting!

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Facesitting with 18 years old boy

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A real young submissive boy and a cute dominant girl.

She is sitting on this boys face and laughing a few times about this loser under her ass!

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Pantyhose Facesitting

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Mistress Gaia has her slave bound on the floor. He cant escape now and Mistress Gaia likes to give him a breathtaking experience with her wonderfull ass in pantyhose today!

Her ass looks so hot in her black pantyhose and then she sits hard and long on his face!

Pantyhose Facesitting Deluxe with Mistress Gaia

POV Facesitting Video

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Princess Jenny is sitting on your face now.

She wears a sexy pantyhose and sits hard on your face.

She likes it fron and reverse and she forced you to sniff her ass now!


Dominatrix Facesitting Video

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Dominatrix Luciana likes facesitting and forced her slave to be her human seat right now.

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