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Hot Facesitting with Princess Serena

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In the latest video from FacesittingGirls.com Princess Serena sits again on one of her slaves! This time in sexy pantyhose that bring her perfect ass to the fore!

Of course she also sits down with her ass full weight on him! Will he hold her weight for a long time?

The mistress should be probably indifferent to that, after all, it is only a matter of her sitting comfortably!

The whole video is available on www.FACESITTINGGIRLS.com

Lady Stefanie Facesitting

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You dream of facesitting custom clips? Lady Stefanie can fulfill you these custom clips! Whether videos with her slave, Facesitting POV or maybe even a direct live session with the mistress?

Just write her a message on FINmessage – Lady Stefanie

Princess Serena Facesitting Lady

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Princess Serena is a real Facesitting Lady!

She loves it so much to sit on a slaves face and she also does real sessions!

So if you are interested in a real session with her contact her now at: FINmessage

Her Photos and Videos you can download of course at Facesitting Girls

POV Facesitting – Princess Serena

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Princess Serena forced you to worship her sexy hot ass! She also has a surprise for you!

You will have the pleasure to be her personal human seat!

Yes! She wants a hot face sitting with you!

Come on little slave! Give me your face! I want to sit now!



Facesitting in Jeans

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Mistress Anna wears a tight blue jeans today!

She loves to wear jeans but she also loves facesitting!

So her slave has to be her human seat for her sexy ass in jeans!

Really hard jeanssitting.

Download the Video and click here or take a look at Jeanssitting.com


facesitting humiliation! She’s taking pictures!

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This is extreme humiliation for the slave from Princess Serena! She takes pictures from her slave during she is sitting on his face!
What about uploading these pictures to his social media profile?At first she sends these pictures to all her friends that all can laughing about this loser!

Princess Serena at FACESITTINGGIRLS.com

She tests her human cushion

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Mistress Anna is going to test her human cushion today! She trys if he has a good face to sit on!

In different positions she trys reverse facesitting and front facesitting!

Mistress Anna wears a sexy dark nylon pantyhose and is looking totaly hot!

Facesitting Video download

Facesitting Video with Mistress Liana

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Mistress Liana loves Facesitting and of course she likes forced facesitting!

When the slave trys to escape but dont has any change, that is what Mistress Liana turns on!

Download the video: FacesittingGirls.com

Jeans and Facesittingbox

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Take a look at the facesittingvideo with Mistress Sara and her facesittingbox!

She wears a tight blue jeans while she likes to sit on the slaves face in the box! Brutal facesitting and sexy face bouncing in jeans.

Do you also want to be her slave?


Mistress Rayanas hot facesitting

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Mistress Rayana loves facesitting! Today she wears her sexy pantyhose!

Her slave is bound on her chair so she has a very good position to sit perfect on his face!

Do you also want to be her human seat?

Download Mistress Rayanas Facesitting Video